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Live in style.

Get your apartment fully furnished by a professional interior designer and rent high-quality furniture on a monthly subscription.

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Get your apartment fully furnished in 3 simple steps

1. Tell us what you like

Go through our onboarding 
questionnaire and let us know what interior style suits you.

2. Upload your floor plan

Based on your floor plan, we generate a 3D model of your apartment and generate realistic renderings.

3. Interiors as a subscription

Happy with our proposal? Lay back and relax! We’ll ship the furniture and assemble it for you.

Transform your space.

Transform your space.

Why rent your furniture with Pabio?

Stylish apartment

Live like you’ve always wanted. Your personal interior designer will hand curate furniture for you.

Be as free as a bird

With Pabio, you enjoy ultimate freedom. Moving apartments? Cancel your subscription anytime and sign up for a new one.

Say bye to moving days

Pabio delivers the furniture into your home and assembles it for you. Once you move out, Pabio takes everything back.

Buyout option

You want to own your furniture? Your monthly payments can go toward buyout and you’ll never pay more than retail on any item.

Environmentally friendly

At Pabio, we use long lasting furniture with a high durability. We refurbish furniture and keep it in circulation.

Fully insured

Spilled milk over your favourite couch? Don’t sweat it. All furniture provided by Pabio is fully insured.

Turning your 4 walls into a home you love

As seen on

“For a reasonable monthly subscription fee I got my apartment fully furnished by a professional designer.”

Nikola Nyffenegger

Furniture belongs at home, not in landfills

At Pabio, we take a stance against the unsustainable fast-furniture industry. We advocate a sustainable and truly environmentally friendly alternative to traditional furniture retail.

How we reduce waste

Ready for your new home?

Book a free consultation with one of our interior designers and get your dream apartment furnished.

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