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Pabio raises $1M pre-seed and joins Y Combinator


We're excited to share that Pabio has raised a pre-seed round of $1 million from top investors including Swiss Startup Group and Session.VC, and has joined the S21 cohort of Y Combinator, Silicon Valley-based program for top startups.

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Changing how people live


We live in a subscription economy. And while most industries adapted to this new reality there is one that stood still. The furniture industry is completely out of date. It has barely seen any change in the past decades. Consumers have to buy furniture the same way they did during the pre-internet era. They drive to a big furniture retail facility in the outskirts of a city. Roam the huge retail space for hours and return with a cheap, short-lasting bookshelf that they will have to replace a few years down the road.

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