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Office space in Neuchâtel.

Pabio was the perfect solution to Klein Fiduciaire's need for flexibility, style and practicality in the office.

Before Pabio

Before Pabio

Without knowing how many years it would be in the new office space, Klein Fiduciaire wanted to organize furniture without the worry of what to do with it when they moved out.

Prior to Pabio, Klein Fiduciaire opted for cheap furniture which it had to dispose of each time they moved. With a growing business in an ever-changing work environment, they could no longer afford to keep committing this logistical and ecological furniture waste.

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3D interior design concept

3D interior design concept

A representative of Klein Fiduciaire received a personalized interior design proposal consisting of 3D renders of the office space, fully-furnished.

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Take a look at the results

Take a look at the results

The company’s employees love their new office look and Klein Fiduciaire is already looking to use Pabio for other offices.

Pabio is an extremely convenient solution to furnish any office

Klein Fiduciare

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