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Disrupting the furniture industry

We live in a subscription economy. While most industries have adapted to this new reality, there is one that has stood still. The furniture industry is completely out of date. It has barely changed over the past decades.

Consumers buy furniture the same way they did during the pre-internet era. They drive to a big furniture retail facility in the outskirts of a city, roam the huge retail space for hours, and return with a cheap, short-lasting bookshelf that they will have to replace just a few years down the road.

At Pabio, we are convinced that it is time for a change. Our mission is to offer a better, more sustainable and cheaper alternative to traditional furniture retail.

About the founders

About the founders

Carlo Badini

Carlo Badini is an entrepreneur at heart. During his early 20s, he founded the renowned Swiss Design Agency Cleverclip while studying at University. Without any external investments, he bootstrapped the company to 40+ people. Carlo received numerous awards and recognition for his entrepreneurial achievements.

Forbes Magazines lists him on their 30 Under 30 list. He received the Global Student Entrepreneur Award and was nominated by EY for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Pabio is his second venture. Carlo lives in Bern, Switzerland.

Anand Chowdhary

Anand Chowdhary is a creative technologist and entrepreneur. Previously, he founded Oswald Labs, an award-winning accessibility technology company. Anand was featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, along with being in Het Financieele Dagblad (Dutch Financial Times)’s list of most-innovative entrepreneurs and professionals in the Netherlands.

Apart from building Pabio, Anand is an avid open-source contributor, non-profit advisor, and consultant to startups. He splits his time between living in Groningen, the Netherlands, and New Delhi, India.

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