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Responsible disclosure

If you find a security bug in this repository, please work us following responsible disclosure principles and these guidelines:

Do not submit a normal issue or pull request in our public repository, instead report directly to (If you would like to encrypt, please see the end of these guidelines)

We will review your submission and may follow up for additional details

If you have a patch, we will review it and approve it privately; once approved for release you can submit it as a pull request publicly in our repos (we give credit where credit is due)

We will keep you informed during our investigation, feel free to check in for a status update

We will release the fix and publicly disclose the issue as soon as possible, but want to ensure we due properly due diligence before releasing

Please do not publicly blog or post about the security issue until after we have updated the public repo so that other downstream users have an opportunity to patch

At this moment, there is no Bug Bounty Program, but we will be happy to compensate using a case-by-case basis, especially for Pabio customers, who may receive months of free services.


If you have any questions, please reach out directly to us at